Our company’s goal is to assist you in obtaining the necessary tools so that you can make the best decision possible at the appropriate time. You as a customer can concentrate on optimizing your efforts because it is our objective to work with you to obtain better data and, as a result, better results. It is extremely conceivable to provide you with trustworthy data to immediately identify things like crop stress, water leakage, illness, and more with MicaSense sensors.
MicaSense sensors are made to have the best spectral and spatial resolution possible.
Multispectral, thermal, and high-resolution RGB data sensors

Applications of MicaSense

  • MicaSense Sensors can be applied to many different fields.

    The most common ones are Agronomists & Growers, and it can also be applied to Forestry & Land Managers. Our goal for agronomists and growers is to be able to give you with the tools you need to produce the highest-quality output from the healthiest crops possible. It’s why we built our agricultural products from the bottom up, why we continue to improve them every day, and why our engineers respond to client questions when they arise – so you can be assured that we’ve put together a solution that can help you maintain your profits as healthy as your crops.

Applications of MicaSense –


Forestry & Land Managers can also benefit from MicaSense in a lot of ways, such as:
  • Whitepaper: Remote Sensing Methods for Forestry
    How it helps – MicaSense sensors can provide a more detailed image of forest cover types, number of trees per square kilometer, timber volume, woody biomass, and other factors.
  • Wetlands and shallow water environments monitoring
    How it helps – To keep an eye on an agricultural creek
  • Species inventory, monitoring & analysis
    How it helps – Different tree species are classified
  • Disease monitoring and identification
    How it helps – Wheat streak mosaic was discovered in a winter wheat field.
  • Water resource monitoring

    How it helps – Maintenance-required nozzles are identified.

Applications of MicaSense –


  • Aside from Agronomist and Forestry mapping applications, drone-based sensors may give a wide range of data for a variety of uses. In your research or day-to-day work, a birds-eye view might provide a unique perspective.

  • Another example would be: Drones and professional multispectral sensors are being used by an archaeology researcher in the United Kingdom to locate buried archaeological elements that were previously only visible after time-consuming geophysical ground surveys.

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