The world’s first mass-produced agricultural unmanned vehicle platform is the XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

The XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle was created for the next generation of unmanned farming equipment.

This is the first mass-produced agricultural robotic platform of its kind, with powerful scalability and several operation modes.

It provides industry-leading ground-based autonomous solutions for precision crop protection, field reconnaissance, and on-farm supply delivery.

How It Works –

With several operation modes and powerful expansion functions, the R150 is designed for unmanned farms. Various tasks such as precision plant protection, effective spreading, intelligent mowing, agricultural material transportation, and epidemic control can be realized based on varied agricultural needs.

  • Adjustable Droplets, Jet Spray Atomisation
    A high-pressure jet engine directs a focussed, high-speed airflow that can atomise liquid into micron-sized particles, precisely into the target locations, and can be adjusted for a stronger grip on the crop surface.
  • Smart Pan Tilt, Omni-directional Spray

    JetSprayerTM’s brushless direct-drive pan tilt with embedded gyroscope maintains the spray angle automatically, allowing for spot spraying as well as 360° coverage.

  • The Smart Pan Tilt & Omni-directional Spray system works as follows:

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