The Aviro Z1 is a professional survey and mapping drone with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities, combining the best of both worlds of multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones.

This long-range drone has the capacity to map a large region and can carry two payloads.

The Aviro Z1 requires only two days of training to be fully equipped with the knowledge to operate the drone properly. It can be set up in about 10 minutes with an easy to use flight control system for mapping, thermal imaging, or vegetation health purposes.

Without the requirement for a runway, launching catapults, or a crash landing, it can operate in severe conditions, even in hot weather.

The Aviro Z1 is easy to deploy, requiring only a 5 meter square of open space for take-off and landing.

*The image is for illustration purposes only; the final product’s color and painting may differ.

Base Package Includes:
  • Aviro Z1 Drone 
  • Ground Control Station for mission planning, runs on Windows PC/Laptop
  • Remote Controller
  • Battery Set x1 
  • Battery Charger x1
  • Industrial Transport Case
  • 1-year Warranty carry in
  • Technical Support

The Aviro Z1 is the industry’s first drone with dual payload capability, allowing many types of data to be acquired with various sensor combinations in a single flight.

Designed for bigger payloads, the Aviro Z1 is equipped with high-end professional sensors that other drones lack, allowing you to get high-quality data in less time.

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